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Monday, March 1, 2010

Susan Maurer | Raptor Rhapsody

For quite some years, Susan Maurer has had her incredible poems published across the United States and abroad. How great to have many of these poems collected in this one lovely volume.— Bill Kushner, Author of He Dreams of Waters, Night Fishing, Head, and Love Uncut.

This is one honest broad and it shows in her work. Brilliant!
— Brigid Murnaghan, Beat Poet & Curator of the Sunday Afternoon Reading Series at The Back Fence, NYC.

It's both innocent and passionate…a beautiful book.— Mil Thompson, Analyst and Editor

by Susan Maurer
soft cover/saddle stitched/13 pp.
$8.00 (+ $1.50 S&H)

Gifted and surprising.
— Nelson Lyon, Writer for Saturday Night Live, Writer & Director of The Telephone Book, Co-Producer with Hal Willner of William S. Burroughs’ Spoken Word CD album Dead City Radio

The overall tone of the book is wry, jaunty, ironic, and stoic--a fresh and original voice.— Robert Kramer, Home Planet News

Click here to read Kramer's complete review in the Fall 2007 issue of Home Planet News

Credit: Patricia Carragon

Susan Maurer’s By the Blue Light of the Morning Glory was published by Linear Arts, in2 with Mark Sonnenfeld by Marymark Press, and Dream Addict by Backwood Broadsides. Letterpress broadsides were done by Clamshell Press and The Center for Book Arts.

Her poetry has been nominated three times for Pushcart, published in 12 countries, and has appeared in over 400 magazines and anthologies, including Off the Cuffs (Softskull Press), Help Yourself! (Autonomedia), Virgina Quarterly Review, Literary Imagination, Cross Connect, and Orbis.

She participated in a Rattapalax CD and posed and read for photographer Anna Siano's INSIDE-OUT Photography & Poetry Project showcased at Hoboken’s 2006 Artists Studio Tour.

She has read at Poets House, St. Marks’ Poetry Project, Bowery Poetry Club, on the Brooklyn Bridge with the Unbearables, as well as at the National Arts Club, Harvard Coop, Barnes and Noble Booksellers and the Susquehanna Art Museum among other venues.


You are our instrument.
I dial the number
hand you the telephone.
You tell me he says

“I got your letter,”
You chuckle, repeat.
He “And I forgive you.”
And he asks
“Is Anthony there?”
And I say
“I did him twice last night”
and you convulse with laughter,
say “No you didn’t.”
And he says
“There’ll be reprisals.”
And I want you to
tell him the turkey was good
but you two begin talking of other things.

You’re playing our song.

Click my Hypster playlist to hear my interview & reading on Anne Cammon's Art Waves originally aired on WKCR 89.9 FM NY, Friday August 24, 2007 at 9PM EST.

Susan Maurer at Bowery Poetry Club in NYC on New Year's Day 2008 [Video Credit: Roxanne Hoffman]

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