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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ricki Stuart | Freak Show

by Ricki Stuart
soft cover/saddle stitched/12 pp.
$6.25 (+ $1.50 S&H)

Ricki Stuart

I consider poetry my spiritual path. Using the magic of word and the divine power of inspiration, I try to process my life. I obtain my material from dreams, worlds travel and the inner voyages all artists live by. I’m extremely grateful to all those poets “on the circuit” who have helped me in my journey. I have been fortunate enough to have been published in various magazines including Chimes From the Clock Tower published by members of the New York Public Library Jefferson Market Branch, Nomad’s Choir, Lucidity Magazine, and others.

I have been featured in readings at New York Poetry Forum, Green Pavilion, Unitarian Church of Brooklyn, Moroccan Star, Jushi’s Riding Centerfold Café, Pita Petra, among others. As a docent of the Brooklyn Museum for many years and in my world travels, I had an opportunity to experience many cultures. I have organized readings in New York City and Florida and was on the staff of the New York Press where I was an editor.


I am the hair that won’t lie flat!
   I tried to be happy
With my husband the doctor
   Who told me
After reading his medical books
That my spiritual experiences
   Were the first signs of madness

Religious mania
   That I badly needed therapy —
I said I badly needed to be
   Rid of him
And so I did!

I am the hair that won’t lie flat
   For the deniers of life
There is safety in a net
   I’d rather be the fish
In the open sea
   And risk
Being swallowed by a shark
   And also risk
The greatness I was born to be.

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