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Thursday, June 8, 2023

#Me Too, Anch'io Reviewed in Italian Americano

Congratulations to Editor Daniela Gioseffi and the other 22 contributors of #Me Too, Anch'io: Writings by Italian American Women, an anthology published by Poets Wear Prada, in 2020, on receiving a detailed and very positive 4+ page review in the most recent edition of Italian Americana, Vol. XLI, No. l, Winter 2023. With permission of this fine journal, you can read Roxanne Christofano Pilat’s entire review, “Chasing Down the Shadows: Writings of Abuse and Harassment” online at PoetsWearPrada.com. Go to the Reviews tab and scroll down to the last review listed on our Reviews page for a link to a PDF copy. Here's an excerpt from the Italian Americana review:
Within this compelling collection of prose and poetry, Gioseffi and her fellow authors give witness to the emotional imprisonment of abuse and harassment. The essays, micro-memoirs, and poems that make up the anthology speak of shadows and secrets, shame and silence. These writings emerge·from each author's recall — and resistance. The narrative voices throughout are often hushed, as if each author does not want to retell her experience but must retell it. In this volume, the reading contract is clear: You may ask to know more, but this is what you need to know. These are the words that can be revealed. Only these. And that is more than enough.


        — Roxanne Christofano Pilat, North Central College