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 The Cupcake Chronicles by Patricia Carragon, short comedic fiction
The Cupcake Chronicle
by Patricia Carragon

Thirteen (a baker's dozen) wickedly delicious bite-size confections
by a woman possessed by her favorite dessert.

Meowku by Patricia Carragon, haiku on cats
Patricia Carragon

Haiku inspired by her
favorite muse, our sphinxlike companion, the cat.

by Iris N. Schwartz
Stories about the struggle to
conceal, circumvent, and transcend shame. 

My Secret Life with Chris Noth
by Iris N. Schwartz
 Nine shots of fast-paced short fiction that
explore the psyches of contemporary women
by Robert Gibbons
Seventeen poems log a transcontinental voyage
across the United States in 
exploration of America and self.

Present Imperfect
by Ona Gritz
This debut essay collection reads like a blockbuster movie. 
Disability, family dynamics, a runaway sister, and her grizzly murder.

Have You Seen CindySleigh?
by Diane Stiglich
Join “badass chick” CindySleigh for three rocking metaphysical adventures!
With iPod, Tarot cards in hand,  dressed in a white tee & jeans, and her favorite running shoes, Cindy jumps into her trusty pick-up, “Karen,” and after checking the weather with her index finger, speeds away from her part-time priest boyfriend, Father Michael, and her changeling son, DC, to trick 
Mephistopheles and change her fate.

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