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Monday, March 1, 2010

Peter Chelnik | Paradise Highway

Peter Chelnik in NYC at The Cornelia Street Cafe on November 14, 2007 (Video by Roxanne Hoffman)

Peter Chelnik continues his quest of the American Dream on his highway of language in a style evocative of that true American Art, Jazz He forges this highway concrete image by concrete image, and his voice is not only fiercely brave, but also one of powerful affirmation.
—Laura Boss, editor of Lips, author of
Arms: New and Selected Poems

Poems by Peter Chelnik
soft cover/saddle-stitched/12 pp.
$6.25 (+ $1.50 S&H)

His latest collection, Paradise Highway, takes the reader on a journey down the mythic roads of the contemporary American landscape. These poems will resonate with Chelnik’s most loyal fans, and provide newcomers the ideal introduction to this unique American voice.
—Sara Liebling, Disney Publishing Worldwide

Credit: David Elsasser

Peter Chelnik’s books include Railroad Heart, East Coast Line, Manhattan Wilderness, Eternity Road and Wildflower Serenade. He has had seven plays produced Off-Off-Broadway. These dramatic works include Street Rag, Prairie Fire, Parking Lot, Moving Target, Scarsdale Station and Tremont Vortex.

Peter has also written Trick Bag, a novel of the 1960's. And yes, he does believe "the word will set you free."


Bohemian Howl
Fringe cats like gyroscope spin
Memphis blues guitar pickers
grace like sweet Austin, Texas
outback January pasture.

Bohemian Howl
Touch sky clean and sober
flannel dream,
wide poets Cincinnati smiles,
Newark, New Jersey
stretch canvas, acrylic
multicolor paradise,
Tuesday afternoon silver rain.
Miles Davis be-bop trumpet genius.

Bohemian Howl
Change calico America
Harlem after school purple
mythic tutors,
National Public Radio
morning Burlington, Vermont
black coffee crescendo,
Joan’s Drum tobacco roll, Santa Fe cool bop.

Bohemian Howl
Maple syrup social justice,
straight back cod fish opportunity
Pakistani taxi drivers Manhattan
food on table heroics.

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