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Sunday, February 28, 2010

David Elsasser | Last Call

Poetry again prevails – the subject this time,
coping with time and our mortality. Elsasser has
accomplished some beautifully written and
memorable work here, weaving words about the
waxing of our years and waning of our bodies,
and where it leaves us.

—EVIE IVY, The First Woman Who Danced
and Dinner With The Muse,
the Anthology of the Green Pavilion Poetry Event

David Elsasser's a dangerous poet. His art is
patient observation of what happens when time
passes and we are not looking. He nails it “past
where rails meet.” What images! Watch your
back, these rites of passage are not for children.

—GEORGE SPENCER, Co-host of the Phoenix
Reading Series

by David Elsasser
ISBN 978-0-9817678-8-8
(soft cover/saddle stitched/30 pp.)
$8.00 (+ $1.50 S&H)

Photo Credit: Su Polo

David M. Elsasser co-hosts the weekly Saturn Series poetry reading in Manhattan. LAST CALL celebrates his generation’s present moment of deliberation.

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