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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bob Heman | Cone Investigates

Bob Heman's Cone "pulls magic out of the rabbit and stuffs it into his hat" so readers will experience the same when they loosen their grip on logic to step into the marvelous...
Linda Lerner, Small Press Review
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Bob Heman (Matched Pairs 463/Streaming Video by Mitch Corber, Thin Air Video)

As usual, Heman treats his audience to filet mignonettes of metaphysical sojourns, weaving narratives skillfully and witfully into poetic prosies.
-Carol Novack, Publisher & Editor, Mad Hatters' Review

by Bob Heman
Second Edition
ISBN 978-0-9841844-0-8
E-book, 24 pp.

Credit: Ed Barnas

Bob Heman's prose poems have appeared in numerous publications including Sentence, Paragraph, Quick Fiction, First Intensity, The Prose Poem: An International Journal, Caliban, Artful Dodge, key satch(el), Hanging Loose, Center, and Lost and Found Times and have been translated into Arabic, Spanish and Hungarian. Since 1971, he has published and edited the often experimental magazine CLWN WR (formerly Clown War). He lives in Brooklyn. His collection How It All Began is available from Quale Press (www.quale.com) as a free e-book.

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Bob Heman in NYC at Bowery Poetry Club on New Year's Day 2006
(Video by Roxanne Hoffman)

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