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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Praise for Remembering Chris by Rosalie Calabrese

 Reprinted from ČERVENÁ BARVA PRESS NEWSLETTER, Issue No. 90, September 2015


Gloria Mindock, Editor   Issue No. 90   September, 2015



Remembering Chris
Rosalie Calabrese
Poets Wear Prada - Hoboken, New Jersey
ISBN: 9780692303795

      "Huddled onshore while the waves churn
      as if coming and going at the same time
      I remember how my stormy Chris
      broke water breached against the tide
      and how resistance to the natural flow of things
      can cause more turbulence than one might expect."

Calabrese's poems are about memory. She weaves her son Chris's life into the present with strong threads a pattern forms. The poems clothe us for life is often as deep and blue as any mourning. "your shadow lingers like the scent of mint." Each word relates what we grieve in our own lives. Traveling from birth to death the poet carries her verse and offers the reader simple courage about loss and comfort, comfort spread out on a solid ground we partake and are filled by the poetic flow.

      "...an easy separation of rendered parts
      that once made up a whole.
      No, not so fast, not yet,
      if ever..."

Irene Koronas
Poetry Editor: Wilderness House Literary Review
Reviewer: Cervena Barva Press

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