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Monday, February 28, 2011

words to linger on: "The Surprise" by AUSTIN ALEXIS in VOX POETICA

words to linger on: "The Surprise" by AUSTIN ALEXIS in VOX POETICA http://www.voxpoetica.com/words_to_linger_on.html

Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011, 12:46 PM

Dear Roxanne,

Hi. I hope you're well.

Here is a note for the PWP news page: Austin Alexis's poem, "The Surprise," is currently published on the Vox Poetica "Words to Linger On" page.



Austin Alexis

by Austin Alexis
(Paperback - March, 2010)
ISBN 978-0984184439
Poets Wear Prada
34 pages

"Austin Alexis contemplates the way time's passage alters our sense of artists such as Chopin, Haydn, Poe, and Martha Graham as well as, among others, grandparents, Einstein, and presidents Lincoln and Obama. The way the poet cultivates sound, sense, and form, he grows, as he writes George Sand did for Chopin, 'the branch he needs / in order to soar.'"                   --George Held, author of PHASED, GROUNDED, and other poetry collections

"By use of precise imaginings, Austin Alexis allows us an intimacy with select artists: Chopin, or a street poet, or Lincoln, that great artist of rhetoric and vision. An engaged and observant poet, Alexis reveals grace, connection, legend and mortality. This book is an ode to all of us."    --Sarah Sarai, author of THE FUTURE IS HAPPY


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