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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reading Notice: Joel Allegretti at Hotel Marrakech, February 16 in NYC

Wednesday February 16
Ronnie Norpel Presents
Kazbar Lounge 
Marrakech Hotel, 2688 Broadway, NYC 
(bet. 102nd and 103rd Sts.)

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I have the great pleasure of helping launch a new reading series curated by Ronnie Norpel, author of Baseball Karma & the Constitution Blues (Three Rooms Press) and former collaborator of Warhol right hand Gerard Malanga.

The new series takes hold Wednesday, February 16, in the Kazbar on the second floor of the Marrakech Hotel, 2688 Broadway bet. 102nd and 103rd Streets, NYC. We start at 6:30 p.m.

In addition to yours truly, the other featured readers are journalist Cella Farber, who has written extensively on HIV/AIDS and whose articles have appeared in Esquire and Spin, and the always-amazing Jackie Sheeler, author of the must-have poetry collection Earthquake Came to Harlem from New York Quarterly Books.
There will be an open reading.

That sound you're hearing right now is the call of the Master Musicians of Joujouka summoning you to the Kazbar. Heed the call or the ghosts of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin will come to your home to get you. I met William Burroughs. Trust me, you don't want his ghost showing up at your door.



THRUM, a new chapbook by Joel Allegretti from Poets Wear Prada
ISBN 978-0-9841844-4-6, Trade Paperback, 38pp., $12.00

"In Thrum Joel Allegretti, deftly and delightfully, strums his magical musical instrument, which is poetry, as he forges fresh forms of songs and stories that are inspired by strummers' strings. 'Context is everything,' Allegretti reminds us, and we’re planted in the heart of a global ancient/modern orchestra. Prepare yourself for the revelatory performance."
--Martine Bellen, Author of Tales of Murasaki and Other Poems, 1997 National Poetry Series selection

"Joel Allegretti's latest collection of poems is as enjoyable as it is different. Thrum takes the reader on a journey that explores known musical instruments, such as the mandolin, dulcimer and fiddle, as well as some not-so-known instruments, such as the oud, koto and theorbo. But what makes this journey unique is that each instrument is in a sense personified as the emotive element of each instrument is brought to life. Allegretti does a wonderful job tuning every poem so that the music of each instrument is realized again and again in the words on the page. An intriguing and must read for anyone who has a sense of all that culminates in the commingling of the arts."
--Raymond Hammond, Editor, The New York Quarterly

Thrum: Poems by Joel Allegretti Now Available on Amazon:


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