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Monday, July 19, 2010

From Roxanne Hoffman...

Dear Friends and Fellow Writers;

Many of you haven't seen my face around at the usual readings and I apologize for that. I've been rather busy with the press -- we released 5 new titles so far this year and there are still more to come including THE BUG BOOK which many of you are in! And then there's the day job that helps pay my bills -- I work Tuesday and Thurday evenings and every Saturday during the day for a major New York home heathcare provider answering a patient hotline.

I would like to continue to keep in touch and invite you to join my new mailing list. You can opt in by clicking http://www.reverbnation.com/pradapoet?add_email=true (Several of my spokenword tracks are up at ReverbNation.com so when you join my mailing list please take a listen too :-)

My work is up online in several new places and out in print in some new anthologies:

1. Four of my poems, "Once Bitten," "This Kiss," "Just a Little Bit of Hocus Pocus," and "Letting Him Go," appear in the July Issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected. For more information about the magazine and its submission policy, visit: http://bloodtouch.webs.com/darkgothicmagazine.htm

This 172-page perfect bound 8.5" × 11" magazine is chock full of dark delicious goodies. Kudos to Publisher and Editor Cinsearae Santiago. It's available in both print and e-book (pdf download) formats from LULU.com. http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/dark-gothic-resurrected-magazine--summer-2010/11609560 .

2. My poem "The Wright Brothers" is included in a new chapbook anthology AMERICA REMEMBERED, released last month from Virgogray Press. To find out more about Virgogray Press, their publications, and how to submit your own work, please visit Editor Michael Aaron Casares at http://virgograypress.wordpress.com/.

3.My response to Shakespeare's Sonnet 115, "Many Have Asked How We Stay Together" is now up on David Morneau's 5 OF 4 MUSIC website (http://www.5of4.com/love_songs/poets.html). Last August, David contacted me, after getting my name from fellow writer Susan Maurer, to participate in his "Love Songs" project. A composer, he is creating a set of songs based on Shakespeare's Sonnets. Each song is actually a pair of poems: one sonnet and one contemporary plpoem.

4. Dark Eye Glances, a new Canadian horror journal, edited by Garth Von Buchholz, has posted 3 of my horror pieces. "I Scream at Dawn's Break," "Dare I," and "Persephone's Dream" were accepted for the premiere issue and will be considered for the 2010 annual anthology. To find out more about Dark Eye Glances and how to submit your own work ease visit: http://darkeyeglances.com/

5. "Kitchen Chore" is included in a new anthology From the Porch Swing - memories of our grandparent, from Silver Boomer Books. For more about Silver Boomer Books visit their website at silverboomerbooks.com. The new anthology is available on Amazon.com at

I've got a new blogspot too: http://roxanne-hoffman.blogspot.com,
a new personal podcast: www.buzzsprout.com/625
and if you haven't befriended me on Facebook yet please do: www.facebook.com/roxanne.hoffman
and of course I always welcome your emails but I can't access Facebook when I am at work. Please keep sending me publication news, your event announcements and other good news to roxy533@yahoo.com.

All 5 of the recent 2010 titles from Poets Wear Prada are available on Amazon with the "Look Inside" feature enabled. To find them just select books from the drop down list on the search bar, then type in "Poets Wear Prada" and click GO.

Have a great summer! And please take a moment to sign up for my new mailing list. http://www.reverbnation.com/pradapoet?add_email=true


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