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Monday, July 19, 2010

Alex O. Bleecker has a New Blog...

Hello Poets & People,

(yes, i'm implying poets are not human, however...) I'm inviting both of you to check out my new site - http://nerudaproject.wordpress.com/ - and to take part. Here's the deal - in 1973, Pablo Neruda wrote "The Book of Questions," which consists of short sections of bizarre questions. I began using them as writing prompts, and found it to be a fun exercise whether i was trying to get juices flowing, or just had a few minutes to do something creative. so i wanted to invite my friends to play. Neruda's original sections are posted on the site (in rotation), and I'm inviting people to create responses. As many or none as you want. Take as long or as little time as you need. the more variety of poetic responses it gets, the more interesting the entire project will look when it's finished. But mostly, it's dumb fun. Else i wouldn't be asking. The front page - "bienvenido" - explains everything. Enjoy...

Any suggestions to make the blog smoother, cooler, or more user friendly - don't hesitate to holler. I'm brand new to blogging.

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