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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sat. June 26 at 8PM The North Jersey Literary Series Presents Poets Wear Prada

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Poets of Poets Wear Prada
with Editor/Publisher ROXANNE HOFFMAN

Special Events Room
330 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck, New Jersey


Come early and enjoy a relaxing meal.
The quiches are famous,
and there are also other wonderful entrees,
as well as coffees, teas,
& desserts.

2 Sets by our features plus Open Mic and book signing

Space and sound are unrivaled by any other venue!

Hosted by Paul Nash and Denise La Neve

Café phone: 201 692 0150

Bios of our four PWP Poets:

In his new chapbook THRUM (2010, Poets Wear Prada), ...

... JOEL ALLEGRETTI deftly and delightfully strums his magical musical instrument, which is poetry, as he forges fresh forms of songs and stories that are inspired by strummers' strings ... Prepare yourself for the revelatory performance. Martine Bellen
Joel’s two previous collections (published by The Poet’s Press) are THE PLAGUE PSALMS (2000, now in its third edition) and FATHER SILICON, selected by THE KANSAS CITY STAR as one of 100 Noteworthy Books of 2006. Allegretti's work has also appeared in many national literary journals and in two major anthologies: CHANCE OF A GHOST (2005) and BEYOND THE RIFT: POETS OF THE PALISADES (2010). For a more complete bio, please visit his website: www.joelallegretti.com

TANTRA-ZAWADI is an award winning poet/artist/filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York. She has performed at major venues around the world in places like South Africa, London, Germany and Toronto. Her book GATHERED AT HER SKY (2010, Poets Wear Prada) contains excerpts from her Off-Broadway production SOLDIER BLUES, as well as from her one-woman performance piece GIRL: A CHOREOSPECTIVE, plus text from previously recorded spoken word tracks. Tantra's poem and video "Scarlet Waters" was featured on the Product (RED) video wall to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Tantra-zawadi's poetry speaks of a global consciousness and ambassadorship; each word of every line reminds us of the connection we have to one another in the race to win.Tshombe Sekou Harris
Follow Tantra-zawadi online at: www.tantra-zawadi.com, www.youtube.com/tantrazawadi.

CYNDI DAWSON, international wordrocker and spoken word artist, curates the Poets and Angels music and poetry series. As an actress in TV and film, she has stood in for Madonna and appeared on Law and Order. She is also famous for her performance art collaboration with Venezuelan SoHo-based artist Rene in the 1980s. Her two previous books of poetry are DREAM SEQUENCES and INSIDE OF OUTSIDE.

With her new collection OUTSIDE GIRL (2010, Poets Wear Prada), Ms. Dawson takes ...
... the reader through the scene, the clubs, the drugs, the grit, and ties it all together with love. Dawson ... establishes herself as a fierce, forceful, raw, punk poet in the tradition of Jim Carroll.Puma Perl
Visit her online at www.myspace.com/insideofoutside

JOHN J. TRAUSE is the author of the chapbook SERIOUSLY SERIAL (2007, Poets Wear Prada). He is the new Director of the Oradell Library, and former Director of the Wood-Ridge Memorial Library, as well as Serials (seriously) Librarian at the MOMA Library from 1991 to 2000. Trause has been an active part of the NYC art scene as well as an avid devotee of avant-garde public raucousness. His work has appeared in many literary publications, both in-print and online, and most recently in the major new anthology: BEYOND THE RIFT: POETS OF THE PALISADES.
John Trause is unique: a classicist who loves pop. His poems capture our desire to mock and at the same time learn every juicy detail of pseudo-celebrity (Edie Sedgwick, Doris Duke, Gov. McGreevey) with all the classical style of Plato writing about Atlantis. He is our generation's undiscovered T.S. Eliot.David Silverman

POETS WEAR PRADA is a small press based in Hoboken, New Jersey, devoted to introducing new authors through limited edition, high-quality chapbooks, primarily of poetry. Roxanne Hoffman, Publisher: http://pwpbooks.blogspot.com/  

Contact for queries regarding The North Jersey Literary Series: njlspoetry@yahoo.com  

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