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Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Shakespeare in Love with Austin Alexis

Austin Alexis’s poem, “Sketch,” is included in David Morneau’s Shakespeare Sonnet/Song project and is paired with Sonnet 83 at http://www.5of4.com/love_songs/sonnet_83.html

Please also check out these other poets at http://www.5of4.com/love_songs/poems.html

Sonnet 8 / Music (Susan Maurer)
Sonnet 18 / In a Hot Country (Anne Cammon Fiero)
Sonnet 56 / The Corneal Gates (Patricia Carragon)
Sonnet 57 / The Affair That Turned Into a Poem (Cindy Hochman)
Sonnet 102 / The Twenty-Four Hour Song (Ana Bozicevic)
Sonnet 109 / Crumpled Sonnet (Evie Ivy)
Sonnet 115 / Many Have Asked How We Stay Together (Roxanne Hoffman)
Sonnet 144 / I Wish (Iris Berman)
Sonnet 148 / Perspective (Karen Neuberg)

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