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Submission Policy

Sorry, we are not accepting unsolicited submissions for poetry chapbooks at the present time.

But please feel free to come over and chat with us
at our upcoming book launches or book fairs about your work!
If you feel obliged to query us please keep the following in mind:

  1. We like a collection that feels more like a whole than a sampling of work.  Tell us a story. Think of each poem as a chapter.
  2. At the time of submission 30% of the works included in manuscript needs to be published or accepted for publication by literary magazines with an editorial policy. (You can't be the editor or publisher of the literary magazine for it to count.) We expect that percentage to be 50% or higher at the time of publication. ( If your work is published in places like SLATE, THE NEW YORKER, or THE NEW YORK TIMES, we might stand up and take notice.)
  3. While we don't have a preference to formal or free verse, we do have a preference for formal queries.  Please include a one-paragraph overview of your book followed by a second
    paragraph that includes your literary bio with previous publication credits and education.  We expect to see a table of contents listing the titles of each work and  detailed acknowledgement of each prior or pending publication.  (Please include volumes, issue numbers, dates of publication for  all magazines; the editors & publishers as well as the year of publication for anthologies.) Two to three blurbs from published poets, publishers/editors of literary magazines or other presses, or reading series hosts would certainly put your manuscript in a good light.
  4. We want to sell these books to a mainstream audience.  Please don't baffle us.  Do not send us prose unless your are submitting micro or flash fiction or prose poetry. We like narrative poetry and we like it in a lyrical style.  The audience we are targeting maybe mainstream but they are not illiterate.  They like to buy and read entertaining and well-written books. So please no greeting card verse.  But funny and original one-liners will get our attention.
  5. If you perform your poetry on the slam circuit and consider yourself of spoken word artist please don't assume your work won't work on the page too.
  6. We do solicit manuscript submissions from folks who submit to our anthologies.
  7. We're nice people but we're busy putting books out so be considerate and don't waste our time.

Thank you for your interest.

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  1. What Is Sex Really About?

    Someone once asked me, what is sex really about?
    Is it when a man climax and your name he utters out?
    Is it the intimacy of the act between a woman and man?
    Or is it the intimate act of passion, while a couple holds each other hand in hand.
    Is sex an act of lust, when the soul is week?
    Is sex a joyous moment, which fills the heart with love, as both of them reach their sexual peak?
    Is sex the act of bouncing up and down, twisting and twirling it all around.
    Your legs spread wide open, and your hands are bound.
    Is sex just an act of emotion?
    A fragrance of Jasmine, a scent of love portion.
    Is sex just an intimate desire?
    That fills your soul with passion, and intense your body with flames of burning fire.
    Is sex fidelity, loyalty compassion and love?
    One of the purest act of emotion and as innocence as a pair of white doves.
    Is sex an act of greed, jealous and lust?
    A temporary moment of passion, am mere taste of dust.
    Is sex a fatal attraction which lures one mind with obsessive thoughts?
    The temptation of a forbidden fruit that entices the heart.
    Does sex really take possession of your mind, and have complete control over your heart?
    Does sex really drive some peoples insane and lead them down a road of destruction,
    And leave them with endless emotional scars and marks.
    Is sex a selfish act that peoples uses as a pawn?
    Is sex just a weapon to explore life and have a lot of fun?
    Is the real purpose of sex being to birth forth babies and populate the earth?
    I am looking for more answers as I continues to search.
    The responsibilities of sex, love, hurt and pain,
    Some of us are victims, and some of us are to blame.
    Is sex an expressions of love, compassion, happiness and joy,
    What is sex really about, I ponder and continues to explore.

    By Cathy Prather Russell