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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sharing the Love & Poetry to Celebrate Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 -- Poets Wear Prada is  sharing the love with a different poem from our collection of poetry books every few hours starting today thru' Friday to celebrate Valentine's Day!  Enjoy and share them with  someone you love.

Pale Male & Lola

Pornography in the Park

by Mary Orovan

Public mating,
      out in the open,

   Grey owl has cozied
with Red owl 
     in hollow hole
of the old Pin oak,                                    
     fluffing each other's cheeks,
 waiting for the moon.
And Pale Male and Lola,
    our City hawks, atop the Carlyle Hotel,   
                     aerobatic display,
always Valentine's day.

Indigo go go
   puffed puffed pigeons
   woo.     Bill and … .

   Egregious acts
of ubiquitous birds
        oh, baby, all over the City.         

              Edgy music in the Ramble
    wild timbres and rhythms
bird calls                       
                                        bird calls
   birds answering
                           love on the fly everywhere.

This poetry selection, "Pornography in the Park" by Mary Orovan, is from "Green Rain," published by Poets Wear Prada in 2008.

Green Rain
by Mary Orovan
ISBN 978-0-9817678-5-7
Soft Cover, Perfect Bound, 30 pp.
Buy online at Amazon.com
And from CreateSpace


Praise for Mary Orovan's "Green Rain":

We really enjoy your use of imagery, descriptive language and insight.


Pat Swenson, Editor Emeritus,

Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poems

Besides being wonderful poems they have an undercurrent, sometimes a flood-tide of sensuality, Eros and Thanatos, which gives the book a life above and beyond the beautiful words.

George Spencer, Co-host of ABC No Rio
Poets Wear Prada is a small literary press based in Frank Sinatra's hometown, Hoboken, NJ, publishing beautifully designed books of excellent poetry since 2006.  Roxanne Hoffman and Jack Cooper, editors & co-publishers. 

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