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Sunday, August 8, 2010

10% Off All Our LULU Editions Through August!

Here's the link to our storefront on LULU: http://stores.lulu.com/poetswearprada  

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Outside Girl

Outside Girl 

Price: $12.00  With Coupon: $10.80

"Lived through the NYC downtown ’80s? Cyndi Dawson takes you home. And if you were never there, you are now, through the penetrating glare of an "Outside Girl" who brings the reader through the scene, the clubs, the drugs, the grit, and ties it all together with love. With this collection, Cyndi Dawson, who is known largely for her stage performances, establishes herself as fierce, forceful, raw, punk poet in the tradition of Jim Carroll, who holds her own on the page as well as the stage."

Gathered at Her Sky

Gathered at Her Sky 

Price: $12.00 With Coupon: $10.80

“Tantra's writing oozes with the passion of Neruda and the sensitivity of Sonia. Her words can warm the coldest of hearts.”
 — Bruce George, Co-Founder of RUSSELL SIMMONS DEF POETRY JAM

“Tantra-zawadi's poetry speaks of a global consciousness and ambassadorship; each word of every line reminds us of the connection we have to one another in the race to win.”

Tshombe Sekou Harris, Founder/Host of FREEDOM VERSE CAFE

Tantra-zawadi, an award winning poet/artist/filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York, has performed to standing-room audiences in the USA, South Africa, London, Germany and Toronto. GATHERED AT HER SKY contains excerpts from her off-Broadway production SOLDIER BLUES, and her one-woman performance piece GIRL: A CHOREOSPECTIVE, as well as the text of previously recorded spoken word tracks.

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning

Print: $15.00 With Coupon: $13.50

Author Gene Auprey offers a new collection of poems; a meditation on nature, life and death, and the ever-present possibilities of hope, humor and love.

“At home somewhere between the pastoral and the familial, violence and tranquility (often showing how they are sometimes the same side of the same coin), Gene Auprey’s voice is one of restrained and steady power.”
James Midgely, Editor MIMESIS

THRUM (Saddle-Stitched)

THRUM (Saddle-Stitched)

Print: $12.00 With Coupon: $10.80

“In THRUM, Joel Allegretti, deftly and delightfully, strums his magical musical instrument, which is poetry, as he forges fresh forms of songs and stories that are inspired by strummers’s strings. 'Context is everything,' Allegretti reminds us, and we’re planted in the heart of a global ancient/modern orchestra. Prepare yourself for the revelatory performance.”
Martine Bellen

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