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Monday, May 10, 2010

Gene Auprey | Dead Reckoning

Author Gene Auprey offers a new collection of poems; a meditation on nature, life and death, and the ever-present possibilities of hope, humor and love.

Poems by Gene Auprey
ISBN 978-0-9841844-5-3
6" x 9" Saddle Stitched, 50 pp.
Release Date: May 2010

“At home somewhere between the pastoral and the familial, violence and tranquility (often showing how they are sometimes the same side of the same coin), Gene Auprey’s voice is one of restrained and steady power.”

James Midgely, Editor Mimesis

“What strikes me about this poetry is its solid groundedness. The speech rhythms of Auprey’s native vernacular weave a fine colloquial music that seems a direct heightening of the spoken word; whether embodied in skillfully crafted free or metrical verse, his art evokes the real sound of people using language organically. Solid texture is achieved by the way Auprey's imagery so strongly evokes all of the five senses. You can see the world of these poems very sharply, but you can also hear it, touch it, smell it, and taste it as well. It has substance. I come out of reading these poems with a strong impression of actually having been in Auprey's physical reality, and of having shared important truths and insights there. More poetry like this, please!”

Paul Stevens, Editor The Chimaera

“Gene Auprey’s poems transport the reader into worlds of immediacy — the primal world of rural culture and of nature, but also the contemporary world and its particular urgencies. Dead Reckoning is an engaging and rewarding work, rich in language that examines the human condition from a stable but varied set of vantages.”

David Landrum, Editor Lucid Rhythms

About the Author:

Gene Auprey is Senior Editorial Adviser for Soundzine, an online international literary journal located at http://www.soundzine.net. His poems have appeared in The Flea, Hawk & Whippoorwill, Lucid Rhythms, Other Poetry, Pisgah Review,and The Shit Creek Review, as well as many other places, both pixel and print.

Gene currently lives in Buxton, Maine. Widely traveled and a dedicated outdoors man, he enjoys the company of his grandchildren. He has worked across the United States in construction, designed and built many homes, managed diverse companies, and also served as an ordained minister. While his poetry has many influences, perhaps the strongest has been New England’s poet laureate, Robert Frost.

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