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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30th: Remembering Steam Engines & O Winston Link

Train No. 17 Crosses Bridge 201, Wurno Siding, c. 1957
[Photo Credit: O. Winston Link]

Train No. 17
Crosses Bridge 201,
Wurno Siding, c. 1957
                              by Erik La Prade

After the Photograph by O. Winston Link

Norfolk and Western Engine #601
Runs over a bridge,
Crossing the New River at night.
The engineer leans out of the window,
Looking straight ahead —
While a trail of white smoke
Replaces the horizon.
Below the bridge —
A man drives a 1955 Buick,
Following the road as it turns right.
His face is blurred.
He is about to leave the photograph,
Going somewhere. Maybe going home —
Or leaving it.

From Erik La Prade's forthcoming poetry collection, Movie Magic, soon to be released from Poets Wear Prada in February 2013. 

January 30, 2013, New York, NY -- Rail fan photographer Ogle Winston Link, known for his exemplary documentary photographs of the last of America's steam locomotives, died 12 years ago this day.  

O. Winston Link, George Thom and night flash Equipment. New York, March 16, 1956
O. Winston Link, courtesy the O. Winston Link Museum

For more information  about Link and his photographs:


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