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Monday, June 4, 2012

Rapunzel: A Poem by Iris Berman

It was the little girl’s hair
They worried about

Shining, golden nuggets
Of light leaping from strand
To strand

It made them afraid, curious,
Awesome, dumbstruck, blind,
In hate and in love

So they hid her away
Forbid her to leave
The dark and lonely room

And there she sat
Year after year
Framed in the backlit
Picture window

Singing to herself
And the birds answered back

One spring day
A fine young man
Followed the beautiful music
To the one in the window

The old ones were afraid
They sent her far away
To a barren desert
Where she wouldn’t stray

But a song filled with the lute
And the flute and dancing in May
Possessed the young man
Led him to her little house

And there they stay
Together to this day.

Reprinted from
by Iris Berman
(Poets Wear Prada, 2007)

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