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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Linda Lerner Reviews "the woman who who wouldn't shake hands" by Chocolate Waters for BigCityLit

Some excerpts from Linda Lerner's review:

"This quirky collection of skinny looking poems, lacking punctuation, belittle the enormous territory they cover: it is nothing less than the human heart — that need for love and a corresponding need that guards against it."

"We hear what we read on the page, and what we hear will linger, like a melody, in our minds."

Linda examines the "unexpected turns [Waters'] poems take" and  the author's  "playing with a word as in a jazz riff" citing several examples from the book.

Read Linda Lerner's complete review  of  the woman who wouldn't shake hands by Chocolate Waters (Poets Wear Prada, 2011) online in the Fall 2011 edition of BigCityLit:

Ms. Lerner is the author of thirteen poetry collections.  Her latest collection, a full-length book titled Takes Guts & Years Sometimes, was published by New York Quarterly Books in June of 2011.  Her book reviews have appeared in Small Press Review, Home Planet News, and Chiron Review, among other places.

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